The best defense against burglary

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 5, 2018

In today’s society we have an increasing amount of valuable items we take for granted.

Just take a look in your pocket, purse and especially your vehicle.

A majority of Pearl River County residents will find a cellphone, cash, coins, credit or debit cards, documentation with personal information and possibly a GPS system on the dash of your car or truck.

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For those of us who enjoy the benefits that these advancements in technology provide, we come to think of them as essential to our daily lives. So, at times we may feel inclined to leave these items in our vehicles because, for the most part, we live in a town that is relatively safe and it’s just easier to leave them where they will be used most.

There was a time in not just this area, but the country, when doors could remain unlocked and cars could be left running outside the store while you ran in for just one item.

We all long for those days to return, but times have changed.  Far too often we report stories of vehicles being broken into and valuables stolen. And far too often those stories include the fact that just about every vehicle that was reported to be missing valuable items was accessible simply because a lock was not employed.

But we can protect ourselves by taking that easiest of step. When we go to bed at night, or go into the store, we should always remember to take the proper steps to make the theft of our valuables that much harder for potential thieves. Locking doors costs nothing, and putting valuables out of sight in the glove box or trunk is a good first step to deterring theft.

We may think that locking doors is not necessary because if a thief really wants to get into our vehicles they will break out a window. While that is a fact, keep in mind that those who want to steal your valuables would rather not get caught. And breaking glass attracts unwanted attention that often leads to an arrest.