PRC School Board approves motion to pay employees for snow days

Published 7:00 am Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Pearl River County School District Board of Trustees held a special meeting Thursday afternoon to address the days the District missed due to canceled classes because of the recent inclement weather.

The meeting began with the Board of Trustees approving the amended 2017-2018 school calendar. The motion by the Board included approving administrative leave with pay for all full-time staff for the days of December 8, January 17 and January 18. Superintendent Alan Lumpkin said by allowing the District to pay its staff for the missed days, the District does not have to make up those three days. He also said students will not have to make up the missed school days later in the semester.

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“A regular school calendar consists of students attending school for 180 days and when the governor declares a state of emergency, local school boards have the option to either make up those days or not,” Lumpkin said. “We, as a board, decided not to make up those days.”