Pearl River County could soon have a new community center

Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Residents of Pearl River County may soon have a new community center that will services to at risk children and adults at risk in the south end of the county.

District 1 Supervisor Donald Hart said after several unsuccessful attempts, the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors approved a generous donation of $10,000 that will help start the project.

Hart said the aim is to build a community center at the south end of the county that will provide tutoring to children unable to attend school.

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The 2,400 square foot building is estimated to cost approximately $60,000.

Public health assistance and adult literacy programs will also be held at the center.

Currently the Board is looking to secure a site to begin work and is trying to raise money to cover the costs of land acquisition and construction. They hope to find those funds through private donations and fundraisers.

Hart said the county does not currently have any programs to help children currently in the court system or under house arrest.

“We needed some kind of mechanism in place to address some of the struggles seen in the community and this will be one such effort,” Hart said.

Presently, the plan is to apply for grants to fund the programs at the center. Hart said he is looking for volunteers to help write grant requests.

“The center will be a safe haven for children to grow and our goal is to get to them before they get into any (trouble),” Hart said.