Thinking outside the box

Published 7:00 am Friday, December 15, 2017

Look around you, there’s so much to learn

Students at one of our county’s elementary schools are demonstrating how they can take a concept and make it into something society could potentially use daily.

Earlier this month, a team of students at Nicholson Elementary won an innovation award for devising a concept that could not only save but reuse rainwater.

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I must confess, I wouldn’t have been capable of thinking of such an invention at such a young age.

It’s pleasing to see that children are thinking beyond their textbooks and using their creativity to come up with concepts that can be used in the real world.

With technology overpowering us, at times it can limit us from thinking out of the box.

But this recent news shows there are many children who can put their minds to the task at hand.

When talking to the team’s coach, Michelle Carter, she said it was their attention to what their community needs that prompted their project, and as a result, their award.

I remember being told as a child that I shouldn’t rely on just books, but instead that I should experience the world.

How good is your general knowledge of the things our children are taught at school. I’ve been told that I’m terrible with directions and identifying things on a map. .

But personally I’ve been able to learn an area by simply driving through it, rather than looking at a map.  Students who do well academically don’t always see beyond the books they read.

While those who can’t remember facts, can see things from an entirely different perspective. Just remember, there is a world out there far beyond the pages of your textbook.

It’s just waiting to be seen and heard.