Parables and Presence: part 2

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 23, 2017

By Jonathan J. Filkins

We too may identify with some of the moments in Sarah’s young life. We too may have had difficult times and made wrong decisions for, after all, we are all only imperfect humans.

There are few among us who have led a life without pain, or strife. 

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These are the parables, in all of our life’s stories.

They are common to all of us whether we are the needy, or the generous provider.

In the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, as told to us by the Holy Bible, our Savior often used parables to convey his messages to us. Few of us have not heard of the parable of the Prodigal Son, the Stony Ground, or the Feeding of the Multitude.

Each parable conveys a particular theological point, encompassing not only belief, but action for the Christian hearer.

It is in these writings where we learn the most about Christ. These stories convey, in the familiar setting to us, what is expected from us.

The preceding fictional story of Sarah and Jennifer, conveys both the desperation of the heart of one, and the generosity of the heart of another.

We too may create parables in our lives, as we are to remember the truths of living. Like the embracing warmth of a warm car, on a cold night,  we too may offer a safe respite to others.

It may not be to one shivering under a bridge, but it may be a family member, or co-worker, who is in desperate state; needing understanding, patience, or even a simple hug.

Christmas is precisely one of those times, our times, for reflection and remembering these the parables of Jesus and the gifts He has brought to us. No, not only presents in the physical sense, but also in the gift of His presence amongst us.. There is no greater gift than His being born on this earth and the message of His grace which He brings to us.

Many families have their own traditions and parables.

Perhaps it is tamales, with an olive inside, to represent Jesus’ birth. Perhaps it is a King Cake, with a hidden tiny baby beneath the .layers of delectability. Perhaps it is a steamy English Christmas pudding, with the hidden richness of fruit, nuts and great effort in the making.

Each honors the beginning of something afresh, something new.

It is as the message of Christ Jesus, not only at this time, but all of the times in our lives, which we focus upon, so closely, at this time of year.

It is away with the old and replaced with the new.

Indeed, it is the fulfillment of the  prophesies of the Old Covenant and replaced with the New. Yes, in the birth of Christ the New Covenant has begun. Alleluia!

In our celebration of His birth, we are reminded to keep His presence within us always.

It is to His words we rely on for our own direction, and potential salvation.

It is here we have warmth of the love of God, through His Son, for us all. As the police officer asked the desperate girl, perhaps we hear the words of Jesus Christ:”Why don’t you come with me and I will take you to a better place?”

A Blessed and Merry Christmas to all.