Interesting things at Picayune School District

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Children are expected to learn several things when they show up for class at one of our three local school districts.

We anticipate they will learn the basics of math, if not the intricacies of more complex equations, as their education progresses.

We also expect they will learn to read effectively, know the history of our great nation and be able to point out states and countries on a map with ease.

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While it’s good to know that students within our local schools are receiving this basic education, we should know those students who apply themselves have the opportunity to learn a bit more.

Tuesday, during the Picayune School District’s Board of Trustees meeting, two groups of talented children demonstrated the things they have learned that are not on the curriculum.

That presentation started with what appeared at first to be a routine demonstration of the Picayune School District Chorus’ vocal stylings, who sang two well-known Christmas songs.

But what followed was a third song not many people in this country know because it’s a folk song from another culture sung in another language.

That meant the students not only learned a new song, but also some phrases in a language unfamiliar to them. The song also required simple instruments to be played during the performance, adding another layer to the learning curve.

Next up were about 15 students in West Side Elementary’s gifted program who shared their learning experience with the Board. These students decided to apply for a grant to help with the construction of an outdoor classroom. But instead of getting one of the school’s staff to write the grant, the students took the lead on the project, which involved the research on the topic as well.

It’s not every day that students get an opportunity to stray from the District’s lesson plan, while at the same time gaining valuable life lessons. Opportunities like these should be offered to our youth more often.