Dispose of gift boxes properly to avoid risk of theft

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 27, 2017

With all of the Christmas festivities now past, we are still enjoying the newness of those big-ticket items we received from our friends and loved ones.

From big screen televisions, to high-end audio receivers, it will take us months to figure out how these new additions to our living rooms work.

But if you put the box at the roadside for the garbage man to pick up, it won’t be hard for would-be thieves to figure out which house to visit first. Putting the box to a 70 inch television or a new game console at the curb is like using neon signs to tell the world you had a good Christmas, and also alerts the less than law-abiding to the presence of those items in your home.

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You also want to avoid posting pictures of your new possessions on social media if your feed is public or if your friends list contains less than honest people.

To fix the situation, first bring that large box back inside and break it down so it fits in a large black garbage bag if curbside disposal is your only option.

If you live in the county, and have plenty of space, you may be able to burn it.

Just be sure the county isn’t under a burn ban before you do, or you could face a fine.

The only other alternative is to bring the box to the dump yourself, which may work out for you depending on your schedule.

To avoid becoming a victim in other ways, don’t post images of your new gear on social media sites, especially if you turned on that website’s security features.

The first option is to block access to your profile to those who aren’t on your friends list.

You may also consider purging your list of people you don’t know personally, or trust.

Instructions on securing your profile can be found through a simple online search, being sure to include the type of social media platform you use.