County, city personnel preparing for cold snap

Published 7:00 am Friday, December 29, 2017

According to the National Weather Service, a bout of extremely cold weather will arrive in Pearl River County Tuesday.

Previous models suggested the possibility of rain, but Picayune Fire Department Secretary Janet Guidry said the most recent models from the National Weather Service out of Slidell, La., predict that the rain will move out of the area before the cold weather arrives, so wintery precipitation is not currently forecast for this area.

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Rain is expected over the weekend. Guidry said the models currently show that on Saturday and Sunday, a total of a half an inch or less of rain will fall in the county.

As the week progresses into the New Year, a series of cold fronts will come through early next week, Guidry said.

Between Monday and Thursday, a hard freeze warning will be issued for each of those night, due to temperatures dropping in the 20s, Guidry said.

Residents are advised to check on the elderly and make sure they have working heat in their household. Plants, pipes and pets should also be protected from the cold. Plants and pets should be brought inside while pipes should be insulated properly.

Residents of Picayune and Pearl River County saw a small amount of snowfall in the first week of December. Even though snow is currently not expected during the cold snap, city and county officials will be taking all the necessary steps to prepare.

Adrain Lumpkin, Pearl River County Administrator, said while snowfall seems unlikely at the moment, his staff is currently monitoring the weather and if action is required, county employees will spread salt on county bridges to prevent them from freezing.

Emergency Management Director and Fire Services Coordinator Danny Manley said Pearl River County is equipped with machines for road salt distribution that will be used, if needed.