When possible, help someone in need

Published 7:00 am Thursday, November 23, 2017

A meeting held Tuesday evening discussed problems opioid addiction across the state is causing in our community and how everyone can help.

Lieutenant John Harless of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics said Pearl River County ranks fifth in the state when it comes to opioid use per capita. Harless also mentioned how pharmacy burglaries in the last three years have risen in Mississippi. During that same time frame, 194 pharmacy burglary attempts were made, of which 132 were successful in stealing prescription medication.

Harless’ information might not make us proud of our community and state, but it shows that opioid addiction and any an all forms of addiction are a real issue that needs to be dealt with.

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Sometimes we think that just because someone is an addict, there is no cure for him or her but that’s never the case. There is always hope for anyone out there who is battling any kind of addiction.

The biggest takeaway for me from the town hall meeting was the information Lisa Crain, director of Crossroads Recover Center, shared with everyone in attendance.

Crain mentioned many people think they can’t receive treatment for their addiction because they don’t have the financial funds to pay for it and that’s never the case.

We recently received a grant, which allows me to help people that might not be able to pay for the services. We will help everyone to the best of our abilities and provide them with the help they need, Crain said.

Listening to Harless, Crain and other representatives from other state departments about opioid addiction opened my eyes to how this problem affects many individuals around our community every day. We, as individuals, might not have an addiction to opioids, alcohol or any other substance but there is someone out there that does and if possible, we should do everything in our power to help.