Let’s take a moment to salute our veterans

Published 7:00 am Thursday, November 9, 2017

Attending an event that honors the contributions made by veterans for the country can give you a sense of pride, perhaps more so than those who are honored.

I say this after walking into a room packed with many of those who served during  World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War. 

My heart swelled with pride to see the elated faces on these heroes as they held medals and certificates of appreciation.

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It forced me to think about how life would have been for them while serving in the military leaving behind their families; uncertain whether they would ever see them again.

At the event, one gentleman shook hands with me, pointed at my camera and said how I could get a story of one his friends at the nursing home who lost his leg.

I felt sorry for the man, but he didn’t. They have weathered it all and take pride in having served their nation without a qualm.

I’ve always believed that when a person has served in the armed forces, they have had a lot at stake and did what probably you and I couldn’t have possibly thought of. 

Today we sleep peacefully only because they put their lives on the line not knowing when they would ever get a good night’s sleep for themselves.

This week as the nation celebrates its veterans on November 11th, get out there, make it to at least one event or a facility where they live, go up to them and say a simple “thank you”.

Trust me you’ll feel happier than you’ve ever felt before.