Don’ forget to pay homage to those who serve, served

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

For many that might not be aware, Veterans Day is on Nov. 11 and we should take time out of our day to thank a loved one or a friend for their service in the armed forces.

Many of us have a relative or close friend that has served or is currently serving in a branch of the armed forces, whether that person is a friend, brother, sister, husband or wife.

In my case, I have several friends who decided to join a branch of the armed forces out of high school and have been serving their country ever since.

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My generation tends to keep up with one another through social media. Every now and then when I scroll through my Facebook feed, I notice those friends who are serving in the armed forces are moved from one place to another often and rarely get an opportunity to go home to visit their family. When they do get an opportunity to go home for a while, it’s usually for a week or two before they’re off to another country that’s thousands of miles away.

Joining the armed forces is not an easy thing to do and we should be thankful for those who decide to take on such a commitment.

Recently, I learned of Picayune’s Veterans Memorial and how any citizen in the community can honor a friend or loved one who has served or is currently serving, by having their name engraved on a brick.

Having a memorial to honor those who are serving is something every town throughout the country should have. If you have a relative or friend who is serving in the armed forces, head over to City Hall and have that person’s name engraved on a brick that can be seen and honored by every one in this community. It will mean the world to them.