Mississippi’s focus on health is inspiring Pearl River County

Published 7:00 am Friday, September 22, 2017

Every year it seems as if Mississippi is the state that ranks last out of the entire nation in just about every health and fitness statistic. It’s a depression reality that Mississippians face every day, but this negative reputation also has inspired some people with Pearl River County communities to put an end to that stigma.

Recently, community leaders from public school systems have gone above and beyond their call of duty to provide many ways children can stay fit and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Those efforts include two Project Fit America grants at two elementary schools in the county and the creation of the Picayune Basketball Association, the Picayune community’s first organized youth basketball program in recent history.

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That baffles me that there previously was not a youth basketball league for kids of the community prior to the PBA.

Basketball, along with every other sports, should be something offered as a character building activity for kids to participate in.
Sports open so many doors in life and help teach many of life’s lessons, including teamwork, leadership, hard work ethic, determination and gives the youth something to do besides roam the streets and getting into trouble.

Also, sports can serve as an avenue in which kids can work on their social skills.

The PBA Director Kelton Thompson was thinking outside the box when the thought of providing this league to the community came across his mind and a lot of great things will come out of the PBA in the near future. Every child deserves to have the options of picking what sport they enjoy the most and have that exposure to all different types of activities, not just sports. The PBA is the first step to making that happen.