Agreement needed between business owner, citizen

Published 7:00 am Thursday, September 7, 2017

Living in a city comes with certain benefits. Most things are within walking distance and disputes of people parking in front of your driveway can be brought to the attention of city officials.

The last problem can become a regular one if you live next to a thriving business.

That is the issue one woman living on Williams Avenue is experiencing.

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Allegedly, she has been dealing with this for some time. Tuesday, she spoke to the Picayune City Council for the second time, desperately pleading for a resolution to the problem.

And it’s not just the fact she can’t get in and out of her driveway.

She alleged that when she confronts the owners of the vehicles about the problem, they become combative with her, at times using inappropriate language.

If her allegations are true, such behavior from the parents of young children should be avoided.

It’s understandable that the parents who bring their children to the dance studio in question want a place to park that is not too far from their destination.

As a result, city officials are attempting to come to a resolution in the matter, first by posting no parking signs in the area and second by establishing a place for those cars that is out of the way.

While no parking signs will do little to deter a strong willed parent already set in their ways, tickets might have an affect if the signs are ignored.

Having to pay a fine for refusing to abide by no parking signs will certainly bring about some relief to this understandably disgruntled city resident.

But ultimately, finding parking in Picayune should not be a problem. So it’s commendable the city is working to bring this seemingly small problem to a resolution quickly.