Responders show no fear: Emergency personnel respond to a tornado call

Published 7:00 am Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yesterday, a Poplarville property was damaged by a tornado.

The storm came and went in a matter of minutes, but the aftermath will take much longer to overcome. Barns were demolished and debris was carried nearly a football

field away, trees were twisted and split in half and debris coated the country roads.

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Luckily, the only damage it caused was structural.

No one reported injuries, but emergency responders were swift to respond, despite facing something as fierce as a tornado.

That dedication and fearless attitude from our emergency response teams and emergency management director should provide a sigh of relief to all Pearl River County residents. It’s not how anyone would want to be reassured, but after this recent tornado, those responders proved ready for any scenario at a moment’s notice.

Minutes after the tornado passed, responders appeared in front of the residence geared to save a life if need be.

Tornadoes are rare, but Hurricane Harvey stirring just west of Mississippi caused one to occur, and although it was relatively minor, the folks living in that residence might tell you otherwise.

With fast winds knocking down barns, breaking windows and causing havoc, it’s natural to be frightened, but once it is all over, that sense of fear should dwindle, knowing that everyone in Pearl River County is in good hands.