PRC Board discuss legislative concerns

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CARRIERE — Every year, the Mississippi School Boards Association asks school boards across the state to fill out a survey to gauge a district’s priorities to help the MSBA direct lobbying efforts during the upcoming legislative session.
The 25-question survey, allows for only three answers to each statement, either “support,” “oppose” or “no opinion.”
At the end of the survey, two questions inquired about the Pearl River County School Board’s top legislative concerns. The Board unanimously agreed on one answer for both questions.
“Our only major concern is also our top priority, which is fully funding of public education,” Board President Jeremy Weir said.
One of the statements that prompted discussion between Board members reads, “Legislation reducing the number of family members of the superintendent who can be recommended for employment.”
“This would greatly impact school districts located in small communities,” Board member Elaine Voss said.
The Board was unanimously opposed to the statement.
Another noteworthy discussion between Board members happened while debating the statement, “Legislation increasing qualifications for individuals running for local school board.”
Board member Jeff Jones said, “We would lose some valuable school board members if we increase that requirement.”
The Board unanimously answered “opposed” to that statement.
Other notable answers to survey questions include:
• Supporting legislation that would legalize a lottery in Mississippi with part of the proceeds earmarked for K-12 public education.
• Opposing legislation that would increase school board member compensation.
• Supporting legislation allowing local school boards to provide administrative, teacher and staff performance-based incentive packages.
The next Pearl River County School Board meeting will be Sept. 4.

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