Pit bull confiscated due to neglect, owner on notice

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pearl River County Animal Control Officer Danny Joe Slade responded to a call concerning a stray pit bull in poor condition Wednesday. It was later learned that the dog belonged to residents at 6801 Highway 11 in Picayune, which was close to where Slade found the pit bull.
After arriving on the scene, Slade said he noticed the dog was in “very, very poor condition.”
Slade said the owners told him the dog had been missing for over a week. It appeared as though the animal was suffering from malnutrition. The pit bull’s ribs, spine and skull were visible through its skin, due to alleged starvation and neglect.
Slade said the investigation determined the owner had four dogs. In addition to the pit bull Slade found, another dog was in “borderline condition.”
He added that the owner has been warned various times about keeping dogs on leashes and preventing them from roaming the neighborhood without supervision.
Once Slade transported the malnourished pit bull to the Pearl River County SPCA, he gave the owner an animal neglect and leash law violation citation for the malnourished dog and a warning for the care of the other dogs. Slade said he gave the owner seven days to take better care of the other dogs so their health could improve, or they will be confiscated. For legal reasons, and because the case is still ongoing, Slade declined to release the name of the owner.
Although numerous staff at the PRC SPCA said the pit bull’s condition is still life-threatening, they are doing everything they can to bring it back to a healthy state.

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