Letter to the editor: Thank you to the gentleman that returned my wallet

Published 7:00 am Thursday, August 10, 2017

I grew up in Picayune, lived here all my life until I moved away for college in 2001. I was ready for bigger and better places than this small town I grew up in.  I had no intentions of moving back “home”. Funny thing is, when you grow up, a small town doesn’t seem to be such an undesirable place and being close to family and those you love is what’s most important. I moved back to our “small town” about 3 years ago and love being home. Our small town has grown a lot but it’s still the same place I remember growing up.

I shared all that to give a bit of background to what I really wanted to say and that’s THANK YOU. Sunday, I went by the car wash at the corner of Canal and Hwy 43 next to Pure Country Gas Station here in Picayune. It was raining and I was rinsing off our mower from cutting a yard. I had my wallet out because I had to grab change at the machine and because it was pouring, I set it on the ledge near the wash bay dial for the sprayer which is right where I left it. It wasn’t until I was in New Orleans today, on my way to a bank meeting, that I stopped and realized after digging in my purse that I didn’t have my wallet!  I frantically called my mom who works at the Picayune School District Central Office to ask her to drive by, hoping it was still there. No such luck. I called Pure Country but the cashier hadn’t been there over the weekend and hadn’t been told a wallet was turned in. On my way home this evening, I figured let me stop by and just double check.  To my amazement, it was there and had been turned in Sunday evening by a kind gentleman-everything, including my whole $7 cash left after the carwash! 

There aren’t many places I can think of that things like this still happen, so again, thank you to whomever you are.

By Lauren Fitts