Arrest reports collected from the Picayune Police Department on Aug. 17, 2017

Published 11:02 am Friday, August 18, 2017

Arrest reports collected from the Picayune Police Department on Aug. 17, 2017


Jon Benjamin McCaskel, 38, 54 Sweet Birch Rd., Carriere; arrested Aug. 6, for public drunk.

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Augustine Manrique Gonzalez, 53, 1720 East Canal St.; arrested Aug. 5, for public drunk.

Roy Shivon Abron, 47, 103 Lilac St.; arrested Aug. 5, for possession of paraphernalia.

Conel Holloway, 33, 714 Cypress Lane; arrested Aug. 10, for no driver’s license, no proof of insurance and switched tag.

Jeremy Michael Murray, 23, 177 Shore Crest Circle, Carriere; arrested Aug. 10, for driving while license suspended and cited for no proof of insurance and no seatbelt.

Rachel Budinger, 32, 1223 Sycamore Rd.; arrested Aug. 9, for driving while license suspended, speeding and no tag.

Male juvenile, 17; arrested Aug. 7, for DUI and possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Jessica Cogliati, 18, 102 West Union Rd., Carriere; arrested Aug. 7, for possession of a controlled substance.

Kyle Joseph Kathmann, 21, 36446 Crestway Ave., Prairieville, La.; arrested Aug. 10, for false identifying information.

Jonathan Davis, 27, 1144 East Jerusalem Ave., Apt. A; arrested Aug. 4, for shoplifting $148 in merchandise.

Paris Peshon Hawkins, 25, 905 Clover Circle; arrested Aug. 11, for an MDOC warrant.

David Carey Roberds, 40, 1100 E. 15th St., Hays Kan.; arrested Aug. 13, for a warrant for out of Jackson County for burglary.

Diangelo Edgbar, 39, 307 North Abrams Ave.; arrested Aug. 13, for malicious mischief warrant.

Darren Lang, 36, 114 Fred Mallett Rd., Carriere; arrested Aug. 8, for possession of controlled of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia, public drunk and shoplifting of $27 in merchandise.

Nichole Cressionne Lee, 32, 625 Millbrook Parkway; arrested Aug. 12, for shoplifting $22 in merchandise.

Victoria Pope, 36, 52 Oliver Davis Rd.; arrested Aug. 12, for careless driving, no turn signal and no driver’s license.

Torre Larell Lewis, 40, 859 Herrin Dr.; arrested Aug. 12, for a warrant with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department and for driving while license suspended and possession of paraphernalia.

David Johnson Jr., 39, 39 B Stegall Rd.; arrested Aug. 13, for DUI.

George Nixon, 47, 1217 Fern Dr.; arrested Aug. 13, for obstructing traffic and DUI.

Lucilla McWilliams Jenkins, 61, 1102 Brookdale Dr.; arrested Aug. 6, for DUI.

Todd Steven Kaland, 49, 978 Shirley Dr.; arrested Aug. 15, for simple assault domestic violence.

Jeremiah Beverly, 31, 2187 E. Gautier Rd., Lake Charles, La.; arrested Aug. 15, for public drunk.

Bradley Burchett, 20, 1039 Ceasar Rd.; arrested Aug. 16, for DUI.

Anthony W. Allen II, 43, 182 Ruston Rd., Carriere; arrested Aug. 16, for contempt of court warrant.

Kenneth Williams, 24, 400 S. Blanks Ave.; arrested Aug. 16, for drug court warrant.