We need to end child abuse in state, nation

Published 7:00 am Thursday, July 20, 2017

Child abuse is a prevalent problem across Mississippi. While it’s unclear why a person would abuse a child, especially to the point that it results in a young person’s untimely passing, what is clear is something needs to be done to prevent the act from occurring.

Earlier this week residents in Meridian, Mississippi learned that a 3-year-old girl died after receiving “lessons” from a parent.

The Meridian Star reports that the 25-year-old man was teaching the child numbers. As with all lessons, the student may not get all of the answers right the first time.

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But instead of continuing with the lesson in a constructive manner, the suspect, Joshua Salovich, use physical force to attempt to garner a correct answer.

The details of his methods are graphic, and ended with her death after being airlifted for medial treatment.

Cases similar to these have occurred in Pearl River County.

While the specifics may not be the same, we have had to report on cases where a young person passed away due to injuries inflicted upon them by a person of trust.

There are many accomplishments a person can achieve in a lifetime; graduating from college, buying a home and learning to drive a car are just some of them. But of all of these life’s checkpoints, raising a child is one of the most important responsibilities a person can have during their lifetime.

Even if the abusive nature of the child’s upbringing does not result in physical injuries or a stay in the hospital, the wounds the children suffer will influence their actions as adults. If they grew up in an abusive household, they could possibly carry on that tradition when they start a family of their own.

Somehow our communities need to come together to educate young people on the proper methods to raise children, before more abuse ends in the death of those who have barely had time to live.