Save some money on clothes this weekend

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shopping for clothes is either a favorite past time, or a nuisance, depending on the shopper.

But each year just before school starts, it is a task that has to be completed. Growing children need new clothes regularly, and fashion conscious parents are always interested in a good deal for themselves as well.

That’s what makes this weekend an especially good time to shop for a new wardrobe; it’s the annual sales tax holiday weekend. Just like in prior years, the qualifying items include clothing and shoes, but do not include accessories such as purses, handbags, backpacks, briefcases and umbrellas.

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Another stipulation is that each item purchased must be priced at or below $100.

Even if all items total more than $100, but each item is individually priced below $100, then the sales tax holiday applies. Anything priced more than $100 will be taxed.

Keep in mind, this sales tax holiday

only applies to stores within Mississippi, which means it’s a great time to shop in Pearl River County. There are several stores in the downtown area and throughout the city that will participate in this event.

There are some additional stipulations that should be reconsidered however. For instance, backpacks would be a great addition to the holiday, since many parents use this opportunity to prepare for the coming school year. Additionally, there are several items listed as non-eligible, even though they are technically shoes, such as tap dance shoes or cleats for sports. Shoulder pads are also not eligible, in addition to baseball pants, baby bibs and elbow pads. However, while baseball pants are not eligible, baseball jerseys are.

Even in light of the inconsistencies between eligible and non-eligible items, we should be grateful that most clothing items can be purchased tax free this Friday and Saturday.