Residents find more reasons to clean up county

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cleaning up Pearl River County is about more than just picking up litter on the side of the highway. While that is a valuable service to our county, there are larger issues that need to be addressed.

The county is currently working to clean up a rather large junkyard that has been an eyesore for those living in the area.

Some have said its presence has affected potential home sales of neighboring lots.

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And while the county has no zoning ordinances that prevent residents from establishing mechanic shops wherever they please, we are fortunate enough to have junkyard ordinances.

Fortunately, the property owner in this case is working with code enforcement officials to clean up the lot and erect a fence.

However that’s not always the case. Sometimes, property owners won’t be so willing to work with officials, prompting the process to be drawn out even more.

In other counties, unincorporated areas don’t have junkyard ordinances so residents are allowed to continue these operations without interference, despite protests from neighbors. 

County leaders have talked for some time about the lack of zoning laws within our borders. Maybe it’s time to bring that issue back to the table and regulate businesses in the county in the same way they are regulated within our two municipalities.

Keeping our county clean does more than just instill pride in our beautiful communities, it also helps keep us safe.

Recently, Item staff spoke with a member of the community who said the litter and other damages at Friendship Park have gotten out of hand, creating an unsafe environment in the playground. 

The vandalism and other malicious mischief that occurs at that facility, and others like it, has to be stopped so that tax dollars can be better spent.