Neglected dog and puppies in Carriere surrendered

Published 7:00 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

A county resident voluntarily turned over a dog and its puppies after the dog determined to have been neglected.
Over the weekend, Pearl River County Animal Control Officer Danny Joe Slade was notified of a female dog that was “visibly and extremely malnourished” and in need of emergency assistance. The dog, a pit bull mix named Daisy, was tangled up on her leash, unable to reach her food or water bowl at a property on Holcomb Carroll Road in Carriere. Slade said he observed food in the bowl upon arriving at the scene.
“She was in such bad condition, it was difficult to tell if she was, in fact, a pit bull,” Slade said, adding that her hip bones, spine and ribs were visible through her fur.
Although Daisy could not reach her food or water bowls, she still provided all the necessary nutrients to her six puppies, which dwindled her health to a critical state, Slade said.
“She was half the weight any dog her size should have been to be healthy,” Slade said. “After just looking at her, it was evident that it was an emergency situation.”
He said the owner claimed to have been out of town and told a friend to watch after the dogs. It is unknown how long Daisy was tangled and unable to eat.
“Along with the mother and her six puppies, the owner also had a couple of cats and the father of the puppies, all of which were in great condition. It was just the mother that was in critical condition,” Slade said.
The owner voluntarily surrendered the mother and her puppies and was issued a citation for animal neglect with a court date set for August 17, Slade said.
Daisy and her puppies were immediately transported to the Pearl River County SPCA where they received vaccinations and underwent medical examinations. To help Daisy recover, an advocate from the Animal Advocates of Pearl River County is going to foster Daisy and the puppies until they are ready for adoption.
Upon further examination, it was evident that Daisy tested positive for heartworms, according to the Animal Advocates of Pearl River County website. To help fund Daisy’s treatment and her six puppies, they set up a fundraising website at where the Animal Advocates of Pearl River County hopes to collect $500 in donations.

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