Looking twice can save a motorcyclist’s life

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The weather is warm, and the sun is out, which means something else is also out on the roads, motorcyclists.

These operators of two wheeled vehicles have a dangerous road ahead every time they strap on their helmet and crank up their iron steed. Outside of being exposed to the elements, which is a draw to those willing to ride, motorcyclists have to face the barrage of other motorists who either don’t see, or don’t care if they pull out in front of them.

In instances of short stop distances, these men and women have less time to avoid a collision, and nothing to protect them. Even though all motorcycle riders are aware of the dangers of riding, they don’t need that risk increased by careless drivers or less than ideal road conditions.

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But that’s what they face here in Mississippi. According to a story by the Post and Courier, a South Carolina daily newspaper, our state has the second most fatalities, next to South Carolina.

Another statistic in that story should also be alarming; Mississippi has the least number of registered motorcyclists in the southern region.

That means there are many riders out there who did not take the required course to earn the “E” endorsement on their driver’s license.

Admittedly the driving part of the course is not as extensive as some other states, but there are several tips that can be learned from the written portion of the test. Additionally, those who are interested can enroll in a private motorcycle riding course where the more in depth training will help veteran riders and newcomers alike as they avoid accidents.

Because our state is second on the list of fatal motorcycle accidents, we ask that all motorists keep an eye out for these folks. Additionally, we also ask that all motorcycle riders take every precaution to not only learn how to ride safely, but also defensively.