Keep safety in mind when cleaning up fireworks

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Instead of attending a public event for the Fourth of July, you opted to put on your own fireworks show. After carefully picking out the fireworks with the catchiest names, you gathered with friends and family to put on the best show money could buy.

Now it’s the day after the Fourth of July.

The previous night’s light show has ended, and before you is the task of picking up the trash left behind. While collecting these remnants, some left over fireworks may be discovered.

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Now there are two options before you, have another bit of fun by trying to light the unexpected find, or dispose of them properly. If the fireworks were left outside overnight, your best bet will be to dispose of them.

Fireworks are essentially small explosives, so disposal of these items should be done with care.

If you opt not to shoot them off, be sure to do the same thing you were doing as you picked up the ones that were used the day before, put them in a bucket of water and let them soak.

Soaking the fireworks for a day will ensure the gunpowder won’t light should a flame come into contact with it. It’s also a good idea to remove the fuse before putting them in the bucket of water.

Once they have soaked for about 24 hours, put them in a trash bag and close it tightly to prevent the fireworks from drying out before they reach their destination. Double wrapping the soaked fireworks in smaller plastic bags will help keep them moist, and prevent a flame from igniting them.

Always avoid disposing of dry fireworks, no matter how old you may think they are.

By properly disposing of fireworks, even those that were lit the day before, you will prevent the possibility of a fire in your trash can.