The White Stuff, a look at America’s Nazis

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The following is an opinion piece by Ira Nirenberg, a resident of Pearl River County

Donald Trump is indeed the great white hope. At least he is if you can judge a person by their most stalwart supporters—in this case, the leader of the American Nazi Party.

It’s right there in white and white, just read the comments of the Party’s leader. You might also take a look at the American Nazi Party’s website where you’ll find such terms as “Judeo-Capitalist system,” Globalists (another term for Jewish), and “Holohoax,” which is the Alt-right’s grandest piece of fake news concerning the “fake Jewish Holocaust,” with proof buttressed up by innuendo, and “facts” of the same variety as ancient Martian architecture, aka the Face on Mars, and “clear evidence” that the moon landing was a fabrication.

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But politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows: Trump has a Jewish son-in-law, yet the President has the support of the head of the American Nazi Party. A Party that blames just about every ill suffered by American society—no—make that the world, on the Jews. Of course, what would anyone expect from a group whose patron saint is Adolph Hitler?

Republican politicians though, with one or two exceptions, and those exceptions would not be from Mississippi, have no problem siding with anything and everything that Donald Trump says.

Though they have some pat excuses for when the manure really starts to hit the fan: “He’s not a polished politician,” is a favorite, thank you, Mike Pence.

Or the pat phrase of many Republican voters: I voted for party—a party that supported Donald Trump—but held my nose when I went into the voting booth. You’d think the fact that they had to hold their collective noses might have been a warning, no?

I’m much like Donald Trump, according to the Republican’s “unpolished” excuse for Trump. I’m not a polished politician, either.

Nevertheless, I believe could do better than Mr. Trump because I would never assume, “I alone can fix it,” as Trump proudly claimed at his RNC nomination. Though I can see why the leader of the American Nazi Party would probably find that comment so appealing.

Most folks probably don’t know this, but before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, in 1941, there were numerous isolationist groups in America.

These groups did not favor America’s entry into another European War—the first such entry being WW I, in 1917.

American Pro-Nazi groups tended to favor isolationism because they feared America would enter the war against Nazi Germany.

These groups were more focused on waiting—waiting for “Der Tag.” A German phrase, literally meaning “The Day,” which to American pro-Nazi groups meant the day when a strong leader would take over America, a man like Hitler, a man who alone could fix it–whatever “it” was.

As you might imagine, overt sympathy for pro-Nazi groups faded away when America entered WW II. But America’s Nazis remained waiting, and they’re still here waiting, for Der Tag. They’re still waiting to establish an all-white Aryan state with laws forbidding marriage or the conception of children between Aryans and those of different races–where the most personal aspects of people’s lives are micromanaged by the State.

They’re looking to turn back the clock before the 1967 Federal ruling striking down the miscegenation laws. They’re looking to get rid of the evil Globalists (that is, any Jews in the financial sector), and the rest of the “bad” Jews.

They’re looking to recreate the framework of Nazi Germany by spewing their propaganda and using their favorite sign off: “Heil Hitler.”

We now have a United States President who looks favorably on thugs like Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdogan, and Rodrigo Duterte. You might wonder: Who else?