Smith announces candidacy for alderman

Published 7:00 am Thursday, June 1, 2017

Special to the Item

My name is Anne Gendusa Smith. I am running for alderman for the city of Poplarville.
I am a mother, Christian and resident of Poplarville. For over 20 years I have served the public in business and as a leader, eight years of which I was elected as your alderman. With that honor came vision, responsibility, ethics, and accountability.
I have been an architectural executive, designer and local business owner. I received a B.A. in communications from University of New Orleans, associate of arts from Pearl River Community College, graduate of Poplarville High School and have elected official certifications through the Mississippi Municipal League.
Past appointments and achievements include: commendation from the governor for excellence, serving on the board of directors for the Poplarville Chamber of Commerce, Raine Street Save the Children, chairman for Toys For Tots and advocate of performing arts.
Working in city government has given me experience in balancing municipal budgets and an understanding of what it takes to run this city.
My philosophy is to be frugal with taxpayer’s money, stand against tax increases and balancing the budget. Many of our citizens are on fixed incomes. As your alderman I will look carefully at the budget to see what and where money is being spent.I will work to bring jobs and businesses here and strive to boost revenue through economic development. I believe we need to align ourselves with an image and marketability of what businesses we are looking to attract. I will locate funds for projects and infrastructure and street repairs.
I also believe in proactively going after solutions for addiction, mental illness and drugs. Boredom leads to idle minds- we need activities, recreation and jobs.
I can see how my decisions from years ago impact the city today. Some of these include: Poplarville (Hattiesburg) Clinic, Burger King, mini malls, acquisition and the development of the City Park, bringing Poplarville to a class 7 fire rating for better insurance premiums and a generator to run the entire water system during disasters. I am most proud of my stand to keep residential water rates low with no increases for 8 years and shaving $100,000 off the water debt/budget due to needed revisions in water policy and unpaid bills. By working with each citizen and through the cooperation of water crews and city employees this plan was a success. I regularly drive the streets and chat with citizens. Because of this I found a leak on Martin Luther King Boulevard.
Citizens, I will be a strong voice for you. I will listen and give real answers. I will address each issue brought to my attention and work to bring resolution. My conservative nature will allow me to make careful decisions. Our children and grandchildren inherit the results of these actions.
Thank you to my supporters over the years for your belief and trust in me. I will continue to reach out to each citizen before the election and hope to speak face to face with you all. Your vote June 6th would be most appreciated and will make a difference in who is elected to shape the future of Poplarville.

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