NHC predicts no hurricane, small chance of tornadoes, heavy rainfall to come

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory for the third named storm of 2017, Tropical Storm Cindy. What was originally called “Potential Tropical Cyclone Three,” according to a new system implemented this year to help pinpoint and issue advisories on storms before they fully develop and are named, formed into a tropical storm Tuesday afternoon. Although the NHC predicts the storm located off the Louisiana coast will not develop hurricane strength, it had a 90 percent chance of evolving into a tropical storm. The forecast rainfall as a result of the storm could create a potential for flooding in Pearl River County over the next couple of days.
With the improbable chance of the storm transforming into a hurricane, local public works directors said there is currently no cause for panic, but county residents should be prepared.
“Right now we are cleaning up the debris from Friday’s storm, sweeping the roads and getting the storm drains ready for the potential heavy rains coming our way,” Sam Hale, Poplarville public works director said.
“The best thing to do is keep calm and safe. If any large debris falls near your residence and it seems to be a dangerous situation, do not try and solve the problem yourself,” Hale said, adding that city fire and police departments will resolve those situations with the proper equipment to keep everyone safe.
But because the chances of strong winds are low, it is unlikely that heavy debris will be a factor in this week’s storm. Instead, the NHC stated the storm’s biggest threat is the heavy rainfall along much of the Gulf Coast and neighboring areas. Because of that, flash flood preparations should be made.
When heavy rain occurs, residents should avoid driving or walking in flood waters because according to the Department of Homeland Security’s website ready.gov, six inches of moving water can knock a person off their feet and one foot of water can sweep a vehicle away.
Although emergency precautions are taking place in Picayune, Public Works Director Eric Morris issued only the following statement.
“We are conducting all of the normal safety procedures,” Morris said.
Sandbags are available at the City Barn on Stephens Street in Picayune to help protect property, the Picayune Police Department representatives stated.
Along with chances of flooding, Tropical Storm Cindy also brings a risk of tornadoes, according to the NHC.

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