Progress at Crosby Commons

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Every community needs a safe place for its residence to enjoy the outdoors, especially in a beautiful state like Mississippi.

For those in the Picayune area, we have seen massive strides recently to offer that type of safe space with the recent additions to the Crosby Commons park off Goodyear Boulevard.

Although we have the privilege of such a magnificent park, not every community has that luxury.

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Recently, a Pearl River County Supervisor visited the Pearl River County School District to propose the leasing of plot of land in an effort to help the community by offering a walking track, which was approved.

This walking track is the start of great things for the Salem community. The walking track is not just beneficial for obvious health reasons, it also serves as a safe haven for residents of that community to mingle.

Once the walking track is completed, many other additions can be made to the surrounding area, which can develop into what we are seeing in Picayune. It may be a bit too much for the area, but a large amphitheater and lighting for an unlimited amount of potential events and activities in that community can tighten the bonds and relationships of an already close-knit community.

The potential of a community park is endless, with benefits that serve each community member differently. Some might enjoy walking while their kids are either playing in the field, at practice or taekwondo class. Some might bring a chair and enjoy the wildlife as they soak in the sun’s rays.

Getting out of the house and remaining active for just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in a person’s mental and physical health.

And instead of getting this outdoor time walking on the curbs of busy streets, the Salem community will soon have a place like the Crosby Commons, full of eventful opportunities that keep the public safe and happy.