Keeping students busy when school is out

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2017

With summer quickly approaching and the temperatures rising, many students are preparing for the end of school in just a few weeks.

However, during summer vacation many young people will find themselves with idle hands.

Oftentimes that can lead to trouble. Children are bored or unattended, so consequently they find themselves getting into mischief.

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For those that are old enough, finding a part-time job is a great use of the summer vacation. Not only does it allow teenagers to learn the value of a dollar, it also teaches them how to be a good employee. 

The city of Picayune has its own youth work program that allows some teenagers to learn the ins and outs of city management and public works.

After spending a day picking up litter or planting flowers, they might think twice before tossing trash out the car window or defacing public property.

Younger children and families can take advantage of the parks, not just in one city, but throughout Pearl River County.

Taking a weekend camping trip, even if it’s just down the road, can teach some valuable life skills as well.

Even though most students love taking the summer off from school, learning is a life-long endeavor, and taking even a few months off can take away from the progress they’ve made.

With the growing world of technology, practicing those skills over the summer with games and reading books for fun are good ways to keep the mind working.

The public libraries in Picayune and Poplarville have great resources, in addition to summer reading programs, to help students stay on track.

Summer can be fun, but it’s also a time to take advantage of the county’s resources.