Time to fire up the grill

Published 7:00 am Thursday, April 6, 2017

love nothing more than sharing a great meal with family and friends; it’s in my blood.

And now that the storms have temporarily passed, this weather is making me crave a nice cookout, not to mention the fact that I just acquired a brand new grill.

During my childhood I spent every Sunday at my grandparent’s house chatting with the family awaiting the delicious southern home cooked meals. If I wanted to spend quality time with my family and friends, I knew what I had to do to, cook a nice meal.

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Family time was mostly centered around the dinner table as I grew up, and our daily plans revolved around what we were going to eat next. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Those experiences helped me become a better person through the life advice given to the children from the older generations around the table. But along with becoming a better person, those experiences also made me a better cook.

Of course you couldn’t pry my grandmother’s cooking secrets even if you begged for them, so for my parents, and now my brother, cousin and I, have endured the tasting trial process, which started out terribly.

I consider myself a grilling expert, but have not had the chance to break in my new grill because of the stormy weather. My father, who also considers himself a grilling guru, shared lots of advice on how to get the best results while grilling.

First off, do not poke holes or smash the meat you are grilling because those savory juices will quickly leave, which can either put you in danger or make your food taste bland and dry. If you smash your hamburgers to “flatten them” on the grill, stop.

The grease could fall through and produce a large flame that could cause an injury. Also, that technique essentially wrings out the fat and the flavor of any meat.

Next time you step up to the grill, remember to stay safe by keeping the grill away from the house, keeping the juices in your food and for your family’s sake please do not burn the meat.