Liberty is calling, go vote on May 2

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tuesday presents Mississippians with another chance to head to the polls and elect local officials to lead their towns. Though, Picayune has a relatively quiet election this year with only one position being contested.

But the political atmosphere in Poplarville is being shaken up a bit this year. Even with a relatively green Board of Aldermen and mayor, this year’s election could throw a wrench in city politics.

Two of the sitting aldermen are running for mayor, with the current mayor choosing not to run for reelection, his reasons for which have not been expressed.

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Because Poplarville Aldermen are elected at-large, there is the potential for a major shift in leadership. The third mayoral candidate has never held an elected position, and while that may not make a difference for some, the others have an advantage when it comes to experience

in city government and its needs.

Sentiments across the county, state and nation express a desire for a change in leadership and priorities.

After two public events this week, the candidates for both mayor and aldermen had the chance to express

how they would bring a positive change to the city.

But the most important part of this election is voter participation. Special or municipal elections like these often see very low voter turnout, sometimes as low as four or 10 percent.

Who leads a city affects all of its residents, not just those who take the time to go out to the polls. Choosing the right leaders should be a priority for every eligible citizen; it’s a right we shouldn’t take for granted.

The election on May 2 will decide the next mayor of Poplarville, pending a runoff on May 16.

Another election on June 6 will determine the next five aldermen, and with seven candidates in the race, it will be very close.