Keep it simple and safe for April Fool’s Day

Published 7:00 am Saturday, April 1, 2017

Did you remember what today is? Yes, it’s Saturday and Picayune Main Street’s Street Festival begins today. But, what I was hoping you remembered is that today is April Fool’s Day, meaning as you peruse the Internet and interact with friends and family today, keep that in mind. April Fool’s Day is one of the older days with an official name. It’s said that the tradition dates back to some time in the late 1500s, and continues today.
Today someone or some company will try to pull a fast one on you. Most of the time these pranks are harmless, but that was not the case about a hundred years ago. In the 1900s April Fool’s Day pranks led to maiming, and at times death.
Thankfully April Fool’s pranks these days are less harmful, mostly centering around a business trying to get your attention with a fake gadget that will never grace the shelf.
According to news reports, several commercials are already touting these pseudo products, including Google Home like gadgets called Google Gnomes. Another interesting one is the Honda Emoji Horn.
All of the commercials are pretty ridiculous, making them easy to spot. They are good for a small chuckle; just don’t take them too seriously.
If for some reason you decide to pull a prank of your own, keep it light hearted. There’s no reason someone needs to take a trip to the hospital just because you decided to get too creative with your prank.
As for us here at the Item, all of the headlines you see in this edition are real, including the tragic fire that occurred in Hide-A-Way Lake, the sentencing of a man to serve four decades in jail for horrific acts to juveniles and the coming celebration of Strawberries and Cream at the Crosby Arboretum. So after you get done playing light hearted pranks on those you love, don’t forget to visit the Street Festival and the Strawberries and Cream event.

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