Homeschools may have nowhere to go

Published 7:00 am Thursday, April 20, 2017

Within this state, as in many others, parents have a choice in how to provide an education to their children.

Parents can send their child to one of the public schools, of which Pearl River County is blessed with three districts filled with capable teachers and administrators, utilize the services of a private school, at their own expense, and finally, teach the children themselves or send them to a homeschool operated by a private educator.

All of these options are perfectly legal under Mississippi law. But one man in Poplarville continues to fight to shutter a homeschool operating in the city.

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Why? One of the reasons he gave was because it generates too much noise.

In spite of the Board of Aldermen making a decision late last year to allow the homeschool in question to operate as it has been, the next door neighbor continues to force the matter, bringing it back to the Board’s agenda Tuesday night.

The thing is, his contention that the school creates too much noise is inarguable. Children create noise. It’s just what they do. And within all residential areas, there are children.

He also contests that homeschools should not operate in his residential area.

But in order to operate a homeschool, it has to be within a home, which are typically built within residential areas.

So if the Board unofficially stated that a homeschool can operate within the city limits, then there should be no debate as to whether the homeschool in question can continue to operate.

Certainly the presence of lawyers in the meetings has city leaders worried that if they don’t take all of the necessary steps, the neighbor could file a lawsuit.

Hopefully he won’t take that route, because ultimately it would be a waste of taxpayer dollars.