Health fairs are good ideas for schools

Published 7:00 am Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tuesday evening children with the Pearl River Central School District had the opportunity to learn about healthy living.

During that event, students participated in an assortment of activities and also learned about proper heart health and diet.

Mississippi has a negative reputation as having an overweight population. But what the rest of the nation doesn’t see is there are people in our state who are concerned with their health and the foods they eat.

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By holding this event, the PRC School District is helping the next generation learn that they should be concerned about their health. Healthy habits start at a young age, so if the children develop these habits now, that lifestyle will carry over into adulthood.

But it’s not just young people who can learn that a combination of diet and exercise is essential to a healthy life.  Parents and students both took home that lesson.

Most health fairs just bombard people with brochures and information about how to lead a healthy life.

However, Tuesday’s event included a bit of fun to show the students that being active is essential to being healthy. Other tips shared at the event included proper heart health and making healthy food choices both at home and while eating at the school’s cafeteria.

Many parents may be concerned that their children spend too much time indoors in front of a televisions watching shows and movies or playing video games. Enjoying outdoor activities is one part of a larger plan to ensure the next generation enjoys an active life.

It’s commendable for a school district to look out for the wellbeing of its students, but those lessons don’t need to end there. It’s up to the parents to continue those lessons and ensure their children, and the rest of the family, lead a healthy lifestyle.