The NFL is changing the rules of the game

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Since the NFL can no longer poke at Tom Brady and the Patriots, at least until the beginning of the next season, the NFL has shifted its attention to more important and relevant factors of the game, the rules.

Recently, NFL owners formally banned the action of players leaping over linemen to block field goal attempts and are now debating their next move regarding post touchdown celebrations.

To tackle the rule that prohibits players from leaping over the line of scrimmage to block kicks, I am partial because though it might place the linemen being leapt over in harm’s way, we must remember that football is a contact sport and is a gridiron filled with collisions.

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I know it is a simple rule that might very well decide the outcome of only a few games, but I am afraid it will be another raindrop in the trickle effect of the NFL becoming too strict, which leads me to my next topic, celebrations.

When celebrations were taken out of the game, the thrill of scoring declined drastically. It baffles me when players are flagged with “unsportsmanlike conduct” for dancing in the end zone.

Being from Charlotte, North Carolina, I can remember an instance when the Panthers’ Quarterback Cam Newton celebrated after bruising his way into the end zone.

When the game was over, the opposing fans became livid, voicing their opinions about Newton on social media websites just because he celebrated doing something he worked extremely hard to do, which is his job.

In my opinion, the NFL should allow celebrations and instead focus on things that are relevant to the game.

Most celebrations are not even performed while the game clock is running.

They have little effect on the game itself. Instead the NFL should focus on concussion protocol and time management.

I say let the big man dance when he gets a touchdown, and let’s focus on keeping these athletes safe.