Mississippi needs more troopers

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

After hearing a presentation by Mississippi Highway Patrol Public Affairs Director John Poulos, it is very evident that MHP needs our help. For all that they do for the public, we shouldn’t hesitate to provide it to them.

The MHP is currently going through a lot, but the main problem is a lack of troopers across the state. As of now, there are 470 sworn officers, 270 of which are patrolling the roads. That number might seem sufficient, but the state population is 2.9 million, according to the United State Census Bureau, which means these MHP troopers are covering a lot of ground; some even cover 3 counties alone.

A lack of troopers on the roads is detrimental to everyone, even if you do obey the laws of the road.

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I travel a good amount from Picayune to the Gulf Coast, and it’s like spotting a UFO when I see a MHP trooper regulating the highway and not working an accident.

We all have that natural instinct to slow down when you see a trooper working on the side of the highway; it’s a pain, but their presence keeps us safe.

Without them, some people would fly down the interstate at 100 mph while texting or drinking, hitting whatever is in their path and not thinking twice about the consequences.

What also is a shame is the negativity law enforcement has encountered lately. This reputation is stopping people from wanting to join the force, resulting in more havoc across the nation.

The men and women in uniform have protected us despite this, and keep order so we can happily raise our families in a safe environment.

And now they need our help. For those interested in being a sworn law enforcement officer, I say take a chance.

The MHP is hosting a trooper academy later this year, which is a perfect way for anyone wanting to contribute to their community to make a difference. Every large movement in our nation’s history started with one person.

Today is the day to be the one.