Kids learn to make the right turn in life

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 4, 2017

This week, students at the Middle School of Poplarville got a glimpse of what life behind bars would really be like.

While television shows and movies may glamorize the punishment, or at the very least make it seem like a livable option, the students heard testimonials from actual inmates who threw those notions out the window.

Some children in Pearl River County are all too familiar with the penal system, some having parents or family members who have gone through the judicial process, while others have no exposure to it at all.

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The intention of the Choice Bus program is not to scare the students into behaving well, it’s about showing them that their actions have consequences.

A simple vandalism on the weekend can quickly escalate into something bigger and much more dangerous, with serious repercussions.

The presenter made a point to say it’s not about whether they get caught, it’s about the people they surround themselves with who are either going to lift them up, or bring them down.

A large part of being successful in life comes from furthering your education, whether that be by taking online college classes while students are still in high school, career and technical electives, or after graduation in pursuing a higher degree program.

The mission of the Choice Bus is to teach children how to develop a plan, and more importantly, how to ask for help.

If they aren’t getting the support they need at home, they can turn to teachers or other community members who can guide them to the resources they need. Pearl River County residents live by the philosophy of extending a hand to those in need, whether they live down the street or miles away.

Educating our students about the choices they will encounter in life can only benefit them and better prepare them for the turbulent road ahead.