Every dog breed deserves a good home

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2017

There is a lot to do in the county that can fill your day with glee, but my favorite thing to do is visit the Pearl River County SPCA.

Probably twice a month, I walk in to visit with an array of adorable pets, thinking the same thing as everyone else, “I want to take them all home.”

But because having 100 dogs and 75 cats could be a bit of a burden on my wallet, that just isn’t an option. As I spend more and more time there, I see the many others that come in looking to find their next fur buddy, but what shocks me is how many people pass over the pit bull mixed breed dogs.

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Yes, some dogs are just too big for some apartments or small homes, but no one should let the reputation of pit bulls steer them away from the magnificent breed.

For most, pit bulls come with a red flag, with the average person thinking they suddenly an aggressive frenzy, but that is not the case. Dogs are not born savage; they are raised to be that way through mistreatment.

The best thing to do for any dog like that is to show it love and provide it a forever home. Animal shelters house an assortment of exotic breeds of various ages, and at the PRC SPCA, they currently are overflowing with puppies and excited adolescent dogs.

As we get ready to head into spring, I believe there is no better time to find a pet than now.

The weather is perfect for playing outside, going for walks and having ample time to potty train the dog and teach it new tricks without messing up your house or bugging your neighbors.

For those on the fence about getting a pet, I say jump in head first. Go get a pet, but don’t pass up any of the animals in the animal shelter due to age because you could be passing up on a great companion.

I recently visited the PRC SPCA to take pictures for a previous article, and immediately fell in love with a 3-year-old cat named Goliath and spontaneously adopted him at the end of the day.

Those animals need your help; they need to find good forever homes so don’t be afraid to give it to them.