County is mounting case for horse neglect

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 18, 2017

In the wake of a recent story of animal neglect, there has been a lot of outrage in the community about the case.

Some are saying the county isn’t doing enough to protect these animals. While others may say that it would have been preferable for the county to seize all of the 34 horses living on that farm, the resources aren’t there.

Taking in 18 horses is already going to cost quite a bit.

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To help with the problem, the Animal Advocates of Pearl River County are collecting donations, monetary and otherwise, to ensure these horses can be nursed back to health.

If the other 16 horses are eventually taken into county custody, they will need even more donations to keep these animals fed and

comfortable until a foster care system can be established.

Taking a step back for a minute, this case would have been an entirely different story if it happened last year.

The county only just employed an animal control officer who has made many rescues since taking the position.

Horses are not like dogs, they are much more difficult to transport, house and need much more food.

While these animals are used to being outside, they’re also used to being able to roam with one another in a field and not be confined in a pen.

The county is working diligently with other agencies to ensure the most prudence process is taken in regard to the legal process.  And all of that takes time.

In order to deter the offender from committing such an act again, the proper legal steps have to be taken.

While at first it must seem illogical for some horses to be left behind, they were in much better health and the county’s resources are already tapped.