Catching county litterbugs in the act

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 23, 2017

Litter is a long-standing problem within Pearl River County that seems to have no end.

Just as quickly as trash is picked up from the side of the road, some other resident dumps more out of their vehicle in such a nonchalant manner as to make many wonder if putting litter in its place was ever a lesson shared.

Wednesday, as a member of the staff took the photo seen below, which depicts more litter, a large pickup truck passed by. After successfully recording the ongoing problem with an image, the staff member began to head down the road, just behind the truck.

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At the stop sign, the passenger side door of the vehicle opened and out came a hand holding a paper cup, which dropped right there in the road in plain sight.

Next, followed a piece of paper, dropped next to the cup. As the truck turned onto Richardson-Ozona Road, out the driver’s side window more litter flew through the air before finding its next resting place in the middle of the asphalt. Scenes like this occur daily within Pearl River County.

The first inclination of those who see such an act, and care about their environment,

would be to chase these litterbugs down and try to talk some sense into them. But we all know that would be wasted breath, and could potentially start a fight that might end in law enforcement involvement.

So, what can we, as law-abiding citizens, do to curb the problem? In previous discussions with county leaders, it’s been said that without some sort of proof, such as a video recording of the litter offense taking place, it’s difficult to prosecute illegal dumping.

Eureka! Dash cams are readily available to the public, and are very affordable. Most models range in price from $20 to $50.

Now armed with video evidence of the offense, county residents can turn that evidence in to the proper authorities, and watch as the fines roll in.