Bill Roberts: “I wanted to pay more taxes”

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

read the article concerning the rejection of the bond that failed in the Pearl River County School District.

According to the article, only 1254 votes were cast. Of that number, only 553 votes were for the passage. Assuming there are two parents in a family, that equals to only 274 families that cared enough to vote for the bond. How many families have children attending school in the District? Maybe a few thousand or more?

It’s not like the teachers and administration is going to receive a raise, or the money was going to buy all new trucks for the District. The focus was to benefit the students.

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These children deserve the best that you can give. Don’t you think they deserve better classrooms than trailers? Did you have to go to school in a trailer?

Education is your duty to your children. They see other schools where everybody has a well lit, temperature conditioned, comfortable environment; that is only the basic need of a student.

I don’t have children in school now, but when I did, they went to public schools that had surely more than the students receive today in the form of facilities. My question to you, “do you really care?”

Parents, property owners and residents: this is what you voted against:

—New and improved classrooms at both the Carriere and McNeill campuses.

—Renovating outdated classrooms across the District.

—Constructing new restrooms at the football stadium. Unfortunately, I have had to use that nasty dirty travel can.

—Repairing the concession stand.

—New district offices in lieu of trailers. These are the people responsible for administrative guidance for your children. Nobody wants to report to work everyday in a trailer.

—Last but not least, a new performing arts center for your child’s education and a place to go when your child participates in school activities.

I have had the honor to give out scholarships to graduating seniors at year’s end in the PRC auditorium. The stage is filled with businesses, corporations, and   individuals giving financial scholarships to those smart, deserving students.

To see their faces when their name is called, I know they are all very proud and thankful that someone cared. Their hope for a bright future is established and they are deeply honored to receive such an award.

And you know what, the auditorium is filled with hundreds of proud parents, and these are only seniors.

I think this bond should be put on the ballot again and I am willing to get involved in helping it pass.

Thanks for reading and understanding my position because the children have no one to represent them.

Bill Roberts