Awaiting a final, final decision

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 10, 2017

This week the Poplarville Board of Aldermen added another saga to the homeschool vs. resident controversy.

Some may have thought the issue was solved in late January when the Board declared Kim Torrence’s homeschool as legal as defined by city ordinances.

Others continue to argue the Board is only creating another issue by making such a decision, opening the city up to allowing schools of witchcraft or other fantastical ideologies to legally operate in residential areas.

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If the Aldermen aim to lawfully provide a way for homeschools, for one child or many, to operate out of an instructor’s home, they need to amend the law to include such a clarification, not make one ruling for one school.

Homeschooling is becoming a large part of the American education system and it seems to be increasingly popular in places where the public school systems fail some of its students due to lack of funding or other issues.

I believe the Board has every well-intended notion in this case to put the children first, but the children and their families are still wondering what their fate will be.

If homeschools like Mrs. Torrence’s are to continue, the city needs to amend its ordinances to accommodate all homeschools, not just on a case by case basis when a complaint is raised by a neighbor or any other individual.

The arguments on both sides of the issue have grown more and more emotional as each side seems to feel as if their elected officials have failed them.

For the teachers, students, neighbors and Aldermen, this issue has dragged on for months and everyone involved is urging for finality.

The complainant and his legal council have said they do not want to turn to the court, but what I have witnessed leads me to believe that may be where this case will go.

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