Taking advantage of technology for a healthy lifestyle

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 16, 2017

The world we live in now is swiftly becoming more reliant on technology.

Most people might see this as a concern, but there are plenty of pros that overturn the cons.

Fitness apps are a good example of how technology can be used beneficially.

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You can

walk in any store, gym or even out on the street and hear people ask their friend, “How many steps have you taken today?”

Fitness apps are a craze that makes losing weight and getting in shape easier than ever.

There are many fitness apps out there, tailored to an individual’s needs and goals.

They help track progress—or lack thereof—which in turn can help you understand the types of exercise that best impact you, how much of an impact it has and how often you can do that workout without jeopardizing your health.

Bringing a pad and paper to the gym to keep track of your weight loss and repetitions is a good idea, but outdated.

Your smartphone can be the perfect device to keep track of that data. Very few people leave the house without their phone.

So virtually every step you take can be recorded by a fitness app.

Secondly, every smartphone allows the user to listen to music, a habit most exercise enthusiasts have.

Fitness apps and devices, like the Fitbit, can be used by every age group, and are a current fad.

These fitness apps also can talk to the user, telling them if they need to get up and exercise after a lazy Sunday afternoon or tell the user to take a deep breath to calm their nerves and lower their blood pressure.

Fitness apps are breaking ground on lowering obesity in our nation, and to me, it’s the best way to solve that problem.

It’s almost like having a personal trainer wrapped around your wrist at all times.