Private schools should be able to offer tutoring

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

The debacle with the home school in Poplarville took a turn Tuesday night when the Board of Aldermen decided to adjust their previous decision.

The issue began as a complaint from a neighbor that the operation of the school is disruptive to his quiet neighborhood.

After an initial meeting to address the matter in October, the Board decided in favor of the home school operator, much to the opposition of the neighbor.

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After several continuing meetings, the Board took part of the matter up for advisement yet again on Tuesday. While the decision was to continue to allow the school to operate, the Board said she couldn’t lawfully provide tutoring services to students not enrolled in her school.

It can be understood that the Board is being put in a situation where it is best to tread carefully. Any decision in this case will be used as a precedent for any other home school in the city.

However, it’s a bit counterintuitive to say that an educator can’t provide services to students not enlisted in her school.

Just about any student that would need tutoring services could more than likely receive them from the school in which he or she is enrolled.

However, allowing this educator to provide services to students that might be enrolled in the public school system would provide her with another outlet to help educate our young people. That would be especially beneficial to any child who may live close to the home school, or for whatever reason is not satisfied with the tutoring classes offered at the public school. And now, the Board is requesting an opinion from the Attorney General’s office about the matter.

It’s commendable that the Board is trying to appease the concerns of a concerned citizen, while also allowing an educator to provide home schooling services to the public. However, this matter has been discussed for far too long.

Whatever decision the Board ultimately comes to, both parties need to take it in stride and move on.