Local World War II veteran to make a major milestone

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 25, 2017

Turning 100-years-old is a feat not many reach, but Jim Livaudias makes it look easy. From walking three blocks twice a day, to mowing his own lawn, Livaudias wakes up every morning with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas, Livaudias’ only child Cindy Roth said.
“His attitude and love of life keeps him going,” she said. “He loves to talk to people and just being around friends and family.”
Livaudias is a World War II veteran, father of one, grandfather to three, great-grandfather to six and a great great-grandfather to four. And, has a close relationship with every single one of them.
“They all look up to my father and honestly adore him,” Roth said.
If you met Livaudias, he would seem like he is in his early 80s, Roth said, because of how vibrant and active he is around others. When Livaudias entered his 90s, he was still golfing the front nine with close friends, and returning with a good stroke count, Roth said. However, Livaudias gave up golf. It wasn’t because he wasn’t able to play, he just out lasted all of his golfing friends.
“He has never really had a problem getting around. The only old age problem he shows is his hearing,” Roth said.
Turning 100 may not always be a pleasant experience, but that’s not the case for Livaudias.
“It feels great,” he said. “I am still able to do things I have always done. I’m even playing cards with my friends later today.”
Nothing appears to stop Livaudias from living life to the fullest. He attends services at First Presbyterian Church every Sunday and goes on long walks using a golf club as a cane, even though he doesn’t need a cane to walk, Roth said.
Livaudias was drafted in March of 1942 out of his hometown of New Orleans and was part of the 101st and 82nd divisions of the Airborne, according to previous coverage. Livaudias still remembers nearly every aspect of his 28 months serving during World War II.
Livaudias turns 100-years-old on March 12 and is celebrating his special day with family, friends and members of his church at the Senior Center of South Pearl River County.

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