Community business co-op does its duty

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 4, 2017

The concept behind forming a co-op is simple, and at times can be very successful. It entails gathering a group of new business owners, who usually are working out of their home, and forming a coalition of sorts to help each business grow.

Sometimes this means sharing a small space, which can become even smaller as the businesses start to grow.

Even if the entrepreneurs are selling similar items or services, they can build upon one another and use their partners as a resource, not competitors.

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Over the past six months, The BAKE Project has been largely successful not only because of their tasty treats, but also because of their warm attitude.

These hard-working women bonded together over their shared love of baking and party decorations.

Whether they’re making a French macaroon, decorating a three-tier cake for the friend’s birthday party or designing custom stationary and party supplies, they built one another up, instead of operating as separate entities.

While the BAKE Project name may disappear from the city, the spirit of good deeds and kindness will live on.

In this case, the co-op completed its task of helping some new business owners gain the experience to stand on their own.

It’s exciting to see a new business in our area grow so quickly and be so well received by the community.

We hope that in the future, other businesses in the community continue to support one another in order to stimulate a growing local economy that suits the needs and wants of its residents.