Technology is important in the classroom

Published 7:00 am Friday, January 20, 2017

The incorporation of technology in the classroom is an amazing resource for many students, not to mention their parents who weren’t blessed with such opportunities.

During my early years of school we took typing classes (and penmanship), which astounded my parents who didn’t take typewriting classes until high school.

We had projectors and computers in the classroom, both new waves of technology that seemed to change the way we learned.

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As I entered into junior high and high school we had smart boards and pods where we could take quizzes and tests without a pen or paper.

All of this technology can be hard for teachers to keep up with, some would let the expensive equipment gather dust in the corner after giving up on learning how to use it.

But now, teachers and students around Pearl River County seem to be energized by this new technology.

Students are given Chromebooks and every form of learning software imaginable, all catered to their unique learning styles.

I’m sure the system is far from perfect, as there is always room for improvements, but it is a far cry from the days of clickety typewriters.

Introducing students to these technologies can not only help them learn on a more personal and appealing level, it can help them prepare for higher education and potential career paths.

One of the most interesting aspects of today’s article about these technologies at Westside Elementary is the appeal to female students.

The teacher told me about how some of her girls were never introduced to tape measures and nails the way their male counterparts were.

So in being exposed to this mathematical world, they’ve become enthralled with something new. 

With STEM being in the forefront of the education world, it’s exciting to see so many of those efforts being made here in Pearl River County.

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