Giving back at home, and to our neighbors

Published 7:00 am Saturday, January 28, 2017

The people of Pearl River County never hesitate to help out a neighbor in need.

From gathering donations for Christmas presents for those who can’t afford them, helping an elderly neighbor bring their garbage to the street, or sending up much needed supplies to the tornado victims, a caring attitude is always found in this county.

After tornadoes damaged the Hattiesburg and Petal areas last weekend, Pearl River County residents didn’t hesitate to help their neighbors in need.

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Pearl River Community College students are working together to support their fellow college students at William Carey University who suffered damage to their basketball gym.

Even though many of those students aren’t acquainted with one another, PRCC’s values of

pride, respect, character and class shone through; after all, it’s the Wildcat way.

For the young adults in our community, it’s important to make the realizations about the importance of helping a neighbor.

Whether that is instilled at a young age, later on in their college or young adult years or any time thereafter, it’s never too late.

The same community efforts were made when southeast Louisiana experienced major flooding last summer. School organizations, individuals and other students loaded up on busses to help fix houses and deliver donations.

All the while, young people are gathering to serve the community they live in, too.

Service work doesn’t just have to be done as a result of a disaster. Every day we can make a contribution to improve our county and the lives of its residents.

Whether it’s volunteering a Saturday afternoon to pick up litter, or just stopping to pick up a discarded item while walking your dog, every little bit helps.