Essential oils; the migraine cure for me

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, January 25, 2017

As a child, I suffered from chronic migraines that would banish me to a quiet, dark room to wait for the pain to subside, which could sometimes last for days.

Prescription medication would only numb my head, failing to actually cure the migraine.

One day, my aunt told me about essential oils and how she uses them for her migraines and about other oils she used to help her get better sleep. My life changed forever because of it.

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At first—like most people—I brushed the idea out of my head, but my mind always trickled back to question if essential oils could actually work. I soon found out they do.

Essential oils are natural oils obtained from plants, grains and other natural substances used mainly in aromatherapy, but are also extensively used in traditional medicinal systems.

In fact, because of the numerous health benefits they produce, scientists across the nation are exploring their use in treating a variety of ailments.

I found it amazing that essential oils would work, but what was most impressive was how rapidly they worked for my migraines.

To treat migraines, I would rub mint essential oils near the back of my ears. Within three minutes after applying the oils, the pain was gone.

Many people are timid to use essential oils because they feel they won’t work or because they are expensive, but I was the same way until I found my one and only cure for migraines.