Benefits of animal shelter volunteers

Published 7:00 am Thursday, January 5, 2017

Recently, the Pearl River County SPCA received donations of over 20 igloo dog houses to keep the outside dogs warm during the winter.

The staff at the animal shelter do everything in their power to make sure these animals are happy, but one thing they can never have too much of is volunteers from around the community.

There is an erroneous, yet common, misconception that employees at animal shelters only get paid to play with animals all day, when in fact, they do the opposite.

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Employees at the PRC SPCA take care of the shelter animals, doing all of the work, such as

cleaning the kennels, grooming and, most importantly, providing needed medicatoin.

Yes, the animals need exercise to stay fit and stretch their legs every day, but that’s where volunteers come in.

Volunteers at the PRC SPCA do not get paid, but they do receive many benefits, including the opportunity to play with what seems like an unlimited amount of animals every day.

The volunteers are expected keep everything orderly and clean around the shelter, but for the most part, they are in charge of making sure the animals remain healthy during their temporary stay at the shelter.

A lot more goes into the daily tasks of volunteering at the animal shelter, but for animal lovers that might not have the budget or the opportunity to own a pet, volunteering at the shelter is a wise decision. It’s a great opportunity to get off the couch and do something productive during the weekend, especially for kids that want to gain work experience and add a recommendation to their resume.

Animal shelters rely on donations and adoptions to stay open. Some of them face the risk of closure constantly, and you could be that one extra hand that helps pets find forever homes, while keeping the rest happy until it’s their turn.